Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Airbending to Colorado

There are a lot of updates that need to occur with this blog. Perhaps someday in 4,000 years I will actually attempt them. Like on that day when I'm not too tired or busy.

Anyway, today I am blogging a short bit about an awesome dream I had last night. In this dream, I had an airbending staff. If you are not aware, the thing the animated child is holding in the picture below is an airbending staff, or an airbending glider.

 Though I could not airbend or anything in the dream, I could still fly around. It was some new invention or something. I'm not really sure how it worked, except I was suddenly able to travel across America in a day, and take a trip to any place I wanted to, just as a simple day trip. I was SO HAPPY. I kept going at night though, which apparently was going to get me into trouble. I wanted to fly to Colorado, but first I went to Vancouver on the West Coast, and apparently there was one on the East Coast as well. I don't remember why or how I got this glider thing, but suddenly I was FREE! I think I did do something illegal though I don't remember what, and somehow my brother Coyt and my fiance Justin met me on the East Coast. We were all considering quitting our jobs and taking flights around the world. I was totes going to glide to Colorado that night, after we visited Coyt's pick, which was Texas for some reason.

So yes, I thought I'd just share the BEST DREAM EVER. I want to travel across the country on a glider any time I so desire.

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