Friday, June 29, 2012

The Gates of Hell

I gave this such an enticing title, but it really isn't that exciting. Sorry for the letdown.

Pretty much, I've just been having a terrible week, and I don't feel like its the end of my problems. To begin with, last week I had a terrible headache and then my period began (sorry, I know you males didn't really want to hear that, but it is a natural process for more than half of the population and it causes issues). I became a bit confused and tired. This progressed into a physical exhaustion that left me stranded upon couches for nearly a week. To some degree, I will admit that I enjoyed my illness, as I needed a break. The upcoming wedding, my job, the financial situation and my living situation were all weighing on my quite a bit.

When I returned to work this past Wednesday, I felt great until after lunch when I received the news that my father had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he was taking. He was taken to the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital until he recovered. Meanwhile at home, the dog that I've had and loved since I was six years old passed out in the backyard. She was taken to the vet clinic, but we had to put her down the following morning. Yesterday we also buried her. RIP Pebbles, best dog in the world.

During this time, our dog Tribble had been boarding somewhere, as we have a dog in heat at the house and we do not want her bred just yet. Tribble was driving everyone insane with his 24/7 whining fest. Late last night, he ran away and has not returned.

So, it has been a bad week and now I feel like I am relapsing into my virus again. I would really like to pass out.

I also just noticed a diamond in my engagement ring fell out.

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