Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Optimism and Happiness

As Abraham Lincoln once announced, "Most folks are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

He was quite right. I feel emotionally exhausted from time to time concerning the subject because it seems like "most folks" make up their minds to be unhappy. I am here to debunk the myth that happiness comes out of your situation.

It really all stems from perspective. For instance, in current times, where we have many kinds of soaps, disinfectants, sterile hospitals and things made out of plastic, we are very clean individuals. When you walk into the bathroom, you might smell something foul and you would notice it.

However, contrary to Hollywood portrayal, the Medieval times were pretty disgusting. Although various forms of soap had been invented at this time, imagine life without a shower. If you had a basin, you were able to bathe. If you are a woman, you would wait until everyone else has bathed and use the cold water everyone else had used. If you needed surgery, you could be restrained as they cut you open, or they could knock you out with alcohol or a hard object. If you are a woman, you were probably not allowed to have surgery. There were no hot packs, no cold packs, no heating or air conditioning. The worst part to me is this: there were no clean and private toilets, and worse yet, no feminine products.

In light of this, most of us would look back at the muddy streets and diseased peasants and think "I could never live in that!" Yet somehow, so many people did. They died younger because their bodies were incapable of keeping up, but they had just as much of an ability to be happy as we are today. The fact is though, no matter what time period it is or has been, people are difficult to make happy. It is not because of the world itself, but because of the attitude people have about living.

Before I get into this next topic of discussion, I would like to point out that I am not against medicine. I am just against excessive use of it and I will explain the reason why.

People are generally born with the correct balance of chemicals in their brains which create a sense of happiness. Occasionally there are people that just can't seem to be happy no matter what they do. That is usually due to a chemical imbalance and those people require the use of medicine to keep their serotonin levels at a proper place so that they can function. Most people, however, are perfectly capable of functioning upon the level of serotonin they already have. The reason I do not like extended medication most of the time is that it inhibits this and makes it so your body gets used to what is being put in your body and then you cannot function without it.

In light of everyone's issues with being happy, I have decided to create a guide to happiness for you. I understand we all have our moments and are not going to be happy all of the time, but there is hope! When you remember you can be happy, you will now have the ability.

1. Don't put things in your mouth that don't need to be there. This includes alcohol, medication, and other drugs. Anything that alters your brain from the way it would naturally think can cause problems. If you have a serious depression issue, medication can be excused. Alcohol is okay occasionally, but not excessively (like if you "need" it, there is a problem). If it alters the way you think, it is likely you will be unable to enjoy proper serotonin levels without it, and then can be dangerous for multiple reasons.

2. Experience healthy things outside of your comfort zone. For instance, go out and do something new with your friends. Explore or take a road trip to a site within a couple of hours of where you live. Go try a new exercise program. This is particularly important for extroverts, but introverts must do this as well.

3. Eat healthier. You will feel more fresh, and fewer health problems will decrease your stress. If your stress decreases, your health problems decrease.

4. Dress up. Looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking "dang I look good" is a fantastic ego boost. Especially when you laugh about it afterwards. If you are fashion-challenged, find someone who is not and ask for their help.

5. Take time out of your day to follow up with your favorite hobbies, such as reading, writing, etc. If you enjoy science, read a book about it for fun. If you like art, create something. Don't watch TV or surf the internet. This is time reserved for your own self-education, and not for school or work. You will feel important, peaceful and productive afterwards. This is particularly important for introverts, but extroverts need to try it also.

6. Spend some time thinking about God. Just ten minutes can make a huge impact on your day. The moment you realize within yourself that God is infinite and that all of your problems here on earth are so minute in comparison, you'll be unable to take any small problems seriously. Instead, you will be focused and determined on the important things because those are the things that God has set before you to accomplish. If you don't ever have epiphanies about what God does in your life, seek him more actively and he will meet you.

7. Do your best at the things you do and forgive yourself for mistakes. If God forgave you for everything, then there is no reason you shouldn't forgive yourself. Just try your very best not to make them in the first place. Ironically, the best way to avoid making a lot of mistakes is pretending like whatever you are doing is unimportant for the most part and telling yourself there is no possible way you will make a mistake. It may not be true, but as long as you know that, you'll be okay.

So that is my final word on happiness and the importance of optimism. Go forth and be happy!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Roll Keyboard: Do Not Putted on the Fire to Roast

Last year at Christmas, my brother received this fantastic gift from my mother. It was a really cool keyboard that could be rolled up and transported easily, as well as it just appeared comfortable and nice.

However, we got far more enjoyment than we had asked for. My brother took a quick glance at the short instructions page. It was just the front and the back, but just about everything on it was a joke. It was written in Engrish.

Page 1:
"Turn on the computer, start the computer system. Find out the USB jack on the front or rear of the computer. The jacks are rectangle, generally 2pcs,arranged as horizontal or vertical: Plug the pin of the keyboard cable into the USB jack. If it is difficult to plug in, turn the pin 180 degree,then re-plug.
"Notes: Do not insert the plug force, if the plug can not comply with the jack.

"The usage norm of the Roll-keyboard
"The Roll-keyboard can be used in below conditions:
"It must be used on an even working face.
"It can be used in the damp environment even shallow water.
"It can be used in the acidity and the alkaline environment.
"It can be used in the temperature of -40C- + 80C.
"It can be used in the dusty environment even sandstorm.
"It can be laundered by alcohol or disinfector."

That was only the first page. The second is much better.

"It cannot be contacted the sharp object
"It cannot be pressed when it was rolled
"It cannot be putted into the oven and putted on the fire to roast
"It cannot be contacted the oil or organic impregnate like acetone and toloul etc
"Cannot places the heavy object on it in long time
"We cannot put out the strength to twist or pull it"

And it goes on to explain in more detailed Engrish.

"Material: Made by high-quality silicone, the keyboard has no poisonous and evil smell, according to the requirement if the environmental protection, it is kind of creative new product.
"Anti-Pollution: In view of the fact it is all seal completely, preventing all kinds of germs and pollutants exiting into the keyboard, and the keyboard's surface can be washed and disinfected any time, so it can prevent the disease infection.
"Watertightness: It can be used for a damp environment, even inside shallow water. It can normally used when beverage or other liquids spilled at the keyboard.
"Acid and Alkaline-proof: The keyboard can be used safely in acid or alkaline environment.
"High dustproof: The keyboard can be used safely in dust fog, and even in sandstorm.
"Carrying convenience: Because the keyboard can be rolled up, so it can save lots of spaces while carrying.
"Other Characteristics:
The special special printing technology guarantees the letter on the buttons of keyboard not to be worn away for a long time.
Feeling soft comfortable
Soft without any sounds while typing
Various beautiful colors
The keyboard is applicable to office; hospital Classroom; workshop; network bar; laboratory; kid room; notebook PC; army; etc."

Monday, December 12, 2011

Aberrant Nomenclature

I have been in a very wordy mood lately. Every time I use thesaurus.com, I always end up spending several hours "word surfing". A couple of days ago, I noticed there was an option to favorite a word. Currently I have over thirty words "favorited", and I would like to use them. Unfortunately, it is a tad difficult in real life situations to use "somnolent" in a sentence, unless you are actually feeling somnolent (which I am). Therefore, I have decided to use as many unusual words in the subsequent literature of this entry. **I apologize in advance if any words are misused, as I attempted to play with many, many words I have never used in the past.**

As I previously adduced, I've been a bit torpid today. I would elucidate the ambition behind this, but I have trepidation it would be far too voluminous an explication. In any case, expostulating about the subject would be feckless. I would aver that I have been enervated by the soporific atmosphere, and I cannot evince myself felicitously. In other words, it would not be a pedantic exemplification of my perspicacity.

I myself am vexed with my rumination during this indolent epoch. I cannot ameliorate beyond my laconic vocabulary extrinsic of this passage. My sagacity is abstruse at its paramount... I disquiet myself that this travail may be sententious.

On another proceeding, I do envisage on frequent opportunity, the ubiquitous supposition that those of us from the Midwestern United States are in fact, inane. Of course, this proclivity is asinine. While the aphorism is heedlessly slighted as insipid here, I find the intimation about my acumen opprobrious. Ensuing this cognition, I sublimate with reverie that they descry our precocity is not so much a phantasm of ignoramus cretins, and more copious than primitively posited. When the corporeity of the human race comes to acceptation of this altercation, I will be assiduously galvanized. Of course, I have to capitulate an iota - some "didactic" beadledom among the scantier towns are far less inculcating than the one which I attended.

Lamentably, I predicate this genial testimony requisites to come to its termination; so now I say my farewell. I hope you have extolled this read and imbibed some prodigious locution. That is assuming you comprehended any full sentences.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I feel like doing something creative, like blogging, but I'm too tired. I normally find that I am more creative when I am tired, but I am not tired in the proper way. One important factor for creativity, is having less light. Light gives you something to look at, therefore something to think about and distract yourself with. In the dark, you can come up with your own thing to think about and suddenly be creative. Also if I am tired and it is bright, I just want it to be dark, so I close my eyes so it will be darker and then all I want to do is sleep.

Therefore, creativity works much better at night.

It also works well when you think about random things occurring in the room you are in. For instance, imagine you are at school, and the teacher is talking about something very boring. So, you take something that is not boring, like Vikings, and imagine that the surface of everyone's desks mark the surface of the salty seas. Then, you play out little scenes of Vikings battling dragons, whilst the rest of the class believes you are simply spacing out. But this is not the case. No, in reality, you are imagining that a dragon the size of an airplane is crashing through the wall, and they are tearing up the desks and the teacher is running for cover, and all of the students are either hiding in corners or attempting to spear it. Bravely, you climb upon its back and as it turns to crush your skull, you shove your backpack in its mouth. This would be an amazing way to get rid of some extra homework. When class is over, everyone believes you were A) paying attention or B) spacing out, depending on your method of imagination. If you can look at the teacher, then you're good.

During the next course, you are bored, so you go ahead and draw your delusion from earlier. When you fail at drawing because you simply are not in the mood, you attempt to write a poem about it. When you cannot do that, you wonder what is wrong and by theater class, you are wondering what it would be like to have an action scene on the catwalk, and you imagine someone dangling from the edge, over the seats, with a cruel headmaster laughing maniacally.

The curse of creativity is that sometimes there isn't a medium for it. I come up with ideas and then I realize that I can't do anything with them all the time.

Right now I don't have any ideas and I'm just tired and bored and I need some mental stimulation. Other than solitaire. I always feel so dead after being out of the house for ore than a few hours. I'm utterly useless after such a situation. If I'm with a close friend, who I am particularly comfortable with, I can take it a little longer, but still... I like going home and resting for a portion of the day, and then using the rest of the day to accomplish other things in silence. I dislike how when I was a child I got all used to playing by myself and all this (it sounds sad, but I enjoyed myself that way most of the time) and while back then I was too shy and wasn't able to be out and about, or hanging out with friends all the time, now I am not aloud to spend much time for myself. I know mothers have a particular problem with this, but I am not a mother. I go to work, and when I come home I am tired, but I always have something to work on, it seems like. And then I can't write. **sleepy face -_- zzzz**