Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hypocrisy: Pro-Choice and Gun Control

Hypocrisy is rampant in all politics these days. Sometimes people simply don't understand each other (see and sometimes it truly is mortifying to see how little people think. Two topics that I feel passionately about are abortion and gun control. These topics are mostly unrelated, except for one fundamental aspect: both deal with the subject of murder. It would frustrate me if liberals believed in abortion only, or gun control only, but the fact that they put both of them together seems very hypocritical. If I legally reserve the right to protect my way of life by killing an innocent fetus, I most definitely reserve the right to protect my body and my children by killing any government or individual attackers.

Whether you want to argue one way or the other is up to you, but you cannot argue both pro-gun control and pro-choice. I will not take you seriously. Regarding abortion, please first think this topic through. (1) It is undeniable that a fetus left alone to be born eventually becomes an individual with a right to life according to the government and the majority of humankind. (2) A fetus is indesputably a living organism. (3) It is undeniable that it is against the law and the majority of humankind to kill individuals outside of self-defense; this stands even if (a) they are unable to feel pain, (b) they are unconscious but will likely gain consciousness, (c) are underdeveloped in some way, or (d) cannot survive separately from another human. Regarding point (a), there are people who have nervous disorders and are unable to feel pain. These people are not considered inhuman. Regarding point (b), when someone is asleep, or knocked out they are unconscious. If someone suffers a brain injury they may be unconscious. If the individual is likely to awaken again, they are not killed, and they are always considered human. Regarding point (c), many children are born underdeveloped, and some people go through their whole lives with underdeveloped bodies due to medical problems. They are still considered to be human. Regarding point (d), a two year old is still too dependent to survive on its own, just like an unborn baby. Many individuals with medical problems are also too dependent to survive alone. These people are still considered to be human.

In the argument of abortion, the primary question is this: When does a fetus become a separate person from its mother? The government states that after 24 weeks, the fetus is considered its own child. This is because if the baby was removed from the mother, it could very possibly survive. Moreover, the neurological system is mostly intact now, and all that is left to do are some finishing touches. However, it cannot be argued that a complete neurological system is what makes a human. Clearly, there are many disorders that prevent a complete neurological system to develop. Babies start developing their brains on the fourth week of pregnancy, and it never stops developing until the child is over 20 years old. If the brain does not constitute individuality, then the only other options are consciousness, and being physically connected to the mother. Simply because someone is unconscious, does mean they are not an individual, so this argument is obviously irrelevant. The child will wake up some time. If I fell asleep and someone killed me in my sleep, they would not be able to justify it by  saying, "What? She was just an unconscious, organized cluster of cells," despite the fact that the statement was true. Moreover, no one can prove when a fetus becomes a human child. As far as being connected to the mother, people seem to forget that before the baby could possibly start to develop, half of it had to come from a man's sperm. Seeing that it makes no sense to say that half of a baby belongs to the mother and half of it belongs to the father, it would only best conclude that the child belongs to itself and it has the right to live. This is the pro-life argument against pro-choice.

Whether you agree with any of the pro-life information I have presented or not, you must at least be open to the possibility that the child is alive, and is an individual separate from its mother. Personally, I think that if there is a mere possibility, then it should be considered as alive, but you do not need to agree with me. The issue I am currently addressing is the fact that many liberals (not all) believe in both abortion as well as gun control. Oftentimes, they believe in the removal of guns entirely. To those of us who believe that a fetus is an individual, it does not make sense to kill babies but not the one attacking our family, freedom or home. This is equivalent to saying that it is okay to make yourself comfortable, but don't defend yourself. It is like saying that any child is subject to anything its mother decides for it, no matter how terrible, and that we are subject to anything that any criminal or tyrannical government decides for us, no matter how terrible. I understand this logic if the goal is to destroy innocent people or to become a world power all by yourself, but that is not the goal of the people. (If it is the goal of anyone at all, I hope you are sterile and cannot obtain a weapon of any kind).

As a woman, I would like to carry a gun with me for defense. I am very far from having a fascination with guns (I find them to be boring weapons), and I certainly have no desire to murder anyone. Still, I would like to carry a gun for my own defense as well as my family's. There is nothing wrong with fighting back if I am attacked, and I want the best chance possible. I do not trust the world, and definitely not trust the government to protect me, as neither have proved to be effective throughout history. So whether you want to go the route that its okay to potentially kill someone for your own sake, or if you want to go the route where it is not okay to potentially kill anything on purpose, you must make a decision. You cannot argue that it is not okay for me to protect my life against an attacker, and then turn around and tell me that it is okay for us, who are supposed to protect our own kind, to kill a fetus that has any possibility of being considered a child.

**For those in favor of abortion, also think about adoption. Unless the mother's life is in danger, adoption is a fantastic option.**