Monday, December 12, 2011

Aberrant Nomenclature

I have been in a very wordy mood lately. Every time I use, I always end up spending several hours "word surfing". A couple of days ago, I noticed there was an option to favorite a word. Currently I have over thirty words "favorited", and I would like to use them. Unfortunately, it is a tad difficult in real life situations to use "somnolent" in a sentence, unless you are actually feeling somnolent (which I am). Therefore, I have decided to use as many unusual words in the subsequent literature of this entry. **I apologize in advance if any words are misused, as I attempted to play with many, many words I have never used in the past.**

As I previously adduced, I've been a bit torpid today. I would elucidate the ambition behind this, but I have trepidation it would be far too voluminous an explication. In any case, expostulating about the subject would be feckless. I would aver that I have been enervated by the soporific atmosphere, and I cannot evince myself felicitously. In other words, it would not be a pedantic exemplification of my perspicacity.

I myself am vexed with my rumination during this indolent epoch. I cannot ameliorate beyond my laconic vocabulary extrinsic of this passage. My sagacity is abstruse at its paramount... I disquiet myself that this travail may be sententious.

On another proceeding, I do envisage on frequent opportunity, the ubiquitous supposition that those of us from the Midwestern United States are in fact, inane. Of course, this proclivity is asinine. While the aphorism is heedlessly slighted as insipid here, I find the intimation about my acumen opprobrious. Ensuing this cognition, I sublimate with reverie that they descry our precocity is not so much a phantasm of ignoramus cretins, and more copious than primitively posited. When the corporeity of the human race comes to acceptation of this altercation, I will be assiduously galvanized. Of course, I have to capitulate an iota - some "didactic" beadledom among the scantier towns are far less inculcating than the one which I attended.

Lamentably, I predicate this genial testimony requisites to come to its termination; so now I say my farewell. I hope you have extolled this read and imbibed some prodigious locution. That is assuming you comprehended any full sentences.

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  1. Translation (NOT word for word): As I already said, I've been kind of meh today. I would explain why, but I am pretty sure it would be a very long explanation. Anyway, arguing about it would be useless. I would just say that I've been infected by the dreary atmosphere, and I can't express myself properly. In other words, it wouldn't be a precise example of my intelligence.

    I am very confused about my thoughts right now. I can't elaborate beyond a few words right now, except with this thesaurus. Hmm... my intelligence is strange at its best.... I think this blog might be short.

    Anyway, I was just thinking about the usual assumption that Midwesterners are stupid. Of course, that itself is a stupid idea. While most of us in Columbia just ignore the taunts with secret disdain when we go out of state, I find them offensive. Because of this, I like to blissfully daydream about them finding out that our intelligence is not our imagination, but it is quite real. If everyone were to discover this, I would be very happy. Though, I will admit that some of the smaller towns around are lacking a decent educational system, but mine was actually pretty good.

    Sadly, I think this nice blog must now end, so I say goodbye. I hope you've enjoyed your read and learned some great new vocabulary. That is assuming you understood any of it.