Saturday, December 10, 2011


I feel like doing something creative, like blogging, but I'm too tired. I normally find that I am more creative when I am tired, but I am not tired in the proper way. One important factor for creativity, is having less light. Light gives you something to look at, therefore something to think about and distract yourself with. In the dark, you can come up with your own thing to think about and suddenly be creative. Also if I am tired and it is bright, I just want it to be dark, so I close my eyes so it will be darker and then all I want to do is sleep.

Therefore, creativity works much better at night.

It also works well when you think about random things occurring in the room you are in. For instance, imagine you are at school, and the teacher is talking about something very boring. So, you take something that is not boring, like Vikings, and imagine that the surface of everyone's desks mark the surface of the salty seas. Then, you play out little scenes of Vikings battling dragons, whilst the rest of the class believes you are simply spacing out. But this is not the case. No, in reality, you are imagining that a dragon the size of an airplane is crashing through the wall, and they are tearing up the desks and the teacher is running for cover, and all of the students are either hiding in corners or attempting to spear it. Bravely, you climb upon its back and as it turns to crush your skull, you shove your backpack in its mouth. This would be an amazing way to get rid of some extra homework. When class is over, everyone believes you were A) paying attention or B) spacing out, depending on your method of imagination. If you can look at the teacher, then you're good.

During the next course, you are bored, so you go ahead and draw your delusion from earlier. When you fail at drawing because you simply are not in the mood, you attempt to write a poem about it. When you cannot do that, you wonder what is wrong and by theater class, you are wondering what it would be like to have an action scene on the catwalk, and you imagine someone dangling from the edge, over the seats, with a cruel headmaster laughing maniacally.

The curse of creativity is that sometimes there isn't a medium for it. I come up with ideas and then I realize that I can't do anything with them all the time.

Right now I don't have any ideas and I'm just tired and bored and I need some mental stimulation. Other than solitaire. I always feel so dead after being out of the house for ore than a few hours. I'm utterly useless after such a situation. If I'm with a close friend, who I am particularly comfortable with, I can take it a little longer, but still... I like going home and resting for a portion of the day, and then using the rest of the day to accomplish other things in silence. I dislike how when I was a child I got all used to playing by myself and all this (it sounds sad, but I enjoyed myself that way most of the time) and while back then I was too shy and wasn't able to be out and about, or hanging out with friends all the time, now I am not aloud to spend much time for myself. I know mothers have a particular problem with this, but I am not a mother. I go to work, and when I come home I am tired, but I always have something to work on, it seems like. And then I can't write. **sleepy face -_- zzzz**

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