Tuesday, March 31, 2015

INTP Care Instructions

Congratulations on finding your very own INTP! Your INTP possesses many features, but please remember that all INTPs are unique and handmade, so some settings and features may vary. Like all people, INTPs come with warnings that may require special attention. Misuse can be dangerous. Please consult your INTP for specifics upon power-up.

-INTP can generally be used for guidance in relationships, the implementation of newfangled ideas, and as talented puzzle-solvers.
-INTP may come with an extra language pack. Please consult your INTP to see if this feature is available.
-INTP is self-sufficient and low-maintenance*
-INTP typically includes a bonus creativity pack. To reap the benefits of this potential gold mine of future entertainment, consult your INTP to see if this option is available, and request creativity pack manual for guidance on how best to cultivate your product's particular specialty.
-INTP can assist with the location of loopholes and contradictory reasoning.
-INTP produces accurate and honest output data in according with accumulated data.
-INTP will process data as long as required before presenting results. In cases where opposing data is exhibited for past conclusions, INTP will reprocess.**
-INTP will host small encyclopedia. Content will vary.
-Formulaic problem solving followed by intensive study, disassembly and reassembly provides opportunity to deliver specific and satisfying results tailored to needs of each individual scenario.
-INTP is considered one of the top solution assistants on the market due to the product's superior ability to think non-stop.
-INTP is equipped with search engine, making use simple and direct, and can be utilized for troubleshooting in most scenarios.

*See warnings
**INTP will not always share results of reprocessed information automatically. Please request information if updated results are needed.

To Power On: INTP will function automatically when charged but may not power down until battery is below 10%.

To Charge: Require no more than 3-6 regularly scheduled social calls per week, including phone calls and appointments to avoid jamming thinklines. INTP will automatically update provisional needs.

Upon Initial Startup: INTP may lag or glitch until logical structures have been detected. INTP may require additional charging during implementation of new logical structures. INTP will provide best results if allowed to discover personal logical structures, in order to orient navigational systems.

To Access: INTP will provide passwords as necessary for user's future use. Software will automatically block detected hacks, and may be unyielding of passwords until user has proven to meet specific standards, which vary based on product.

-For maximum results, do not interrupt INTP while charging. Do not tamper with social schedule less than 48 hours in advance, unless canceling.
-If INTP is low on battery power, do NOT increase demanding social engagements. This may cause INTP to shut down without warning or in some cases, explode.
-INTP may experience insecurity in critical environments. This may cause INTP to shut down without warning or in some cases, explode.
-INTP may be difficult to move.
-INTP may talk for periods longer than desired. If requiring silence, please consult INTP. INTP may be low on battery and require charging.
-Repeated illogical arguments/behaviors or failure of INTP to communicate concept to or receive concept from user may cause INTP to shut down without warning or in some cases, explode. If INTP is behaving irrationally under pretense of being rational, please see reset instructions.
-INTP will be most likely to exhibit glitches, irrational behavior or explosions if not properly charged.
-INTP is not intended to exchange pleasantries or other unnecessary niceties. INTP may comply, however these features are not officially supported and forced compliance may produce poor results. 
-A mentally stimulating environment with adjustable controls will produce maximum results. A bored INTP may cause damage to user's lifestyle. Conversely, an INTP with little control over environment may do the same. 
-INTP may be extremely selfish. In some cases, engagement should be met with equally extreme caution.
-INTP bootup may take more than 24 hours. When provided with adequate time, INTP will be more adequate for engagement.
-INTP may have strong password protection for security purposes. Please be aware that you may not have access to administrative options for some time, if ever. INTP will provide most features without administrative permission.
-INTP may vary in terms of seriousness vs lightheartedness.
-Overcharging may develop unruly INTP. Please consult INTP for charging requirements.
-INTP may exhibit obsessive tendencies. These will transition from one to another with time.
-Due to programming involving the charging habits of your INTP, its hours of activity may be erratic or set to strange times of day, the year, the week, etc.
-Monitoring will prevent best results, and may be damaging to the product.
-Products cannot be tested, as user must locate before use. Products are free-range and handmade. Because product results may vary, testing is not a provided feature. Users must consult available INTPs for specifications regarding details.
-Experimentation on INTPs is illegal in most countries, and ill-advised without administrative permission. Many INTPs may willingly submit for experimentation in exchange for upgrades.
-INTP is a luxury item and not intended as a toy, office equipent, or household appliance. Please consult your product for intended use.
-Use discretion upon providing items of value or of importance to INTP, as it may be misplaced.

To Reset: Do not heavily engage with INTP for 1-30 days. INTP will automatically reset. Please consult your product to determine the proper length of time if reset is desired. Reset time may vary depending on situation. Resetting your INTP will archive emotional data, reboot creativity packs and may contribute to system reboot.

*Your INTP cannot be backed up, so please handle with care*

Thanks to: OneMind, Thedoctorlies, maust, and moonious from PersonalityCafe.com for assistance with some changes. http://personalitycafe.com/intp-forum-thinkers/514474-intp-care-instructions.html