Monday, November 10, 2014


I'm going to reintroduce myself. I've done a lot of pointless rambling on my blog and dabbled in a few political posts, but honestly I'd rather stay out of the political scene (for the most part). I'll keep the good posts I've made up, but hopefully I can keep from going on too many passionate rants. I'm pretty sure no one really follows my blog too carefully, but if you have been stalking it despite the lack of recent posts, you might notice I cleaned things up a little. I left the posts I thought were interesting or well-written (enough) behind and now I hope to be a little more organized and focused.

The things I'd rather talk about on here are as follows:

Personality Type Theory (MBTI only at the moment)
Connections between the those three things

I don't really write all that much about writing, but I was going back through some of my old stuff, and I finally feel confident that I'm a pretty good writer. I'm not anything extraordinary, but I can write pretty damn well when my brain is up to it. I'd actually like to talk a lot more about "the writing life". Currently, mine is in its fetus phases still seeing how I haven't published anything, but there is definitely still plenty to talk about.

Regarding Personality Type Theory: I'd actually rather have a youtube channel, but I know sitting down and making myself look nice enough to film won't happen, and if that won't happen, then I also won't spend the time to make the editing interesting. I'll have to work on that.

Anyway, I would like to teach a little about personality type theory, and particularly make sense of the INTP to other people, since that is what I am. Every type is fascinating in its own way, though, and the way they relate to each other is especially interesting.

I'll also no doubt post up some Biblical knowledge from time to time because I'll allow that to spill into whatever part of my life I want it to. I won't be forcing it though.