Thursday, November 22, 2012

20 Things That Would Make Football More Enjoyable

Epic Football or Warball could include some or any of the following 20 possibilities. In its most basic form, it would be football, but this is a much better way to play football. All possibilities are legal (probably) and would be enjoyable to watch. Of course, no one would employ all of the following in one game, but using a few of these at least would make the game much more entertaining.
  1. Uneven terrain - the possibility of tripping, hiding behind small hills, an occasional tunnell or small cave (with cameras of course)
  2. The ability to "imprision" players of the opposite team
  3. Some players on each team are given paintball guns or water guns
  4. A Capture-the-Flag variation
  5. Alternate winning scenarios - you can win by catching the opponent's flag in their End Zone and bringing it back to your own, by imprisoning their team captain for a specific amount of time without his escape, etc.
  6. Playground equipment along each End Zone that players must get through.
  7. Game Makers (like in The Hunger Games)
  8. Geysers
  9. Slow-moving animals wandering aimlessly between each yard line
  10. If the referees had tasers (although this would be more interesting, I wouldn't actually want this to be real life, or we wouldn't have any players)
  11. Slip n' Slides
  12. Three teams, instead of two
  13. Every few minutes, the ball drastically changes in temperature or texture (normal to hot to normal to slimy to normal etc)
  14. Martial Arts are allowed within normal MMA tournament rules.
  15. Alternative terrains, like sand or ice
  16. Trampolines
  17. Multiple platforms or tiers
  18. Some players may be on stilts or moonboots
  19. Pogosticks and skateboards placed around the field
  20. Holes in the ground
If anyone else agrees that warball would be more fun than just football, we should get this started. Also, I think Warball might already be the name of a game, so Epic Football might have to be the official title.