Monday, May 21, 2012

Sleep Deprivation

Today I am just going to ramble. This is because I am tired. So really, I will be rambling about being tired. Why am I tired? I stayed up too late last night, and I woke up a bit earlier than usual this morning.

I personally think being sleepy may be similar to taking a small dose of a depressant. I currently feel like I might be on the pain medication I was taking after I had my wisdom teeth removed. However, I know that I am not, unless my milk was drugged. Or potentially, my broccoli cheddar soup. I did drink green tea as well, but green tea has caffeine and therefore would not necessarily induce sleep. It is relaxing though. So is being sleepy.

I heard somewhere that sleep-deprived driving causes more accidents than drunk driving. I do not know if it was true, but it would make sense. I feel like my head may not be connected to my body right now.

I have spent some time to look up some facts about Sleep Deprivation. I had them copied and pasted in here, but I decided to just put the website link up instead, since it was all directly from it: I am unaware of whether any of this is true or not, but I put it up anyway. #irresponsible

I would just like to say, being a female on that time of the month does my brains no good either. Perhaps that was TMI for you, but I can't say that I care. I am too tired to care. But don't worry. I'm not scary. Typically the only way you can tell if I'm on it is if I am sleepy and potentially in pain.

Although my stomach hurts very much and I feel like I am on a significant dosage of pain meds, I am also ecstatic right now. I have TWO monitors at work now. That's right, TWO. I am writing this from my second monitor. It is beautiful. Actually, it is the exact same as my other monitor, but it is still wonderful. I had to cram a lot of my origami to other parts of my cubicle, but that is okay. It has been worth it. Also one of our wonderful supervisors has fixed an important program that didn't open for me before. This will make my days far less infuriating.

Still, my lifelong dream right now is to go home and sleep. I feel like I could just sleep through the rest of my life. It sounds amazing right now. It is nothing against being awake, just that I am simply so tired, and sleeping sounds like such a magnificent luxury that I am nearly certain I could be happy if I just never woke up again. I am not allowed though, because I do have a fiance and a family and I think they would be pretty upset. So would several of my friends.

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